Mount Mitta Mitta (Mittamatite) Regional Park 

Ranch Road Tintaldra VIC

Mount Mittamatite Regional Park (4,280 ha) is a striking feature in the landscape; its rocky slopes rise sharply from the surrounding plains and provide shelter for numerous rare plants.

Mt Mittamatite summit is located on the highest point in the park (1,003 m) where there are radio and aviation communication facilities and a fire spotting tower. Rock climbing and abseiling often occur nearby.

Emberys Lookout provides spectacular views of the Kosciusko Main Range (NSW) in winter.

There are basic visitor facilities provided for picknicking at Emberys Lookout and at Mt Mittamatite summit.

2WD access via unsealed road to Emberys Lookout and Mount Mittamatite summit, this is a dry weather road only.