Upper Murray Anzacs – Men and Their Mounts 

44 Donaldson Street Corryong Victoria

Artist Simon White's mural tells the story of the bush horses or brumbies and the stockmen who mustered and brought the horses down from the High Country and the bush-covered hills surrounding the Upper Murray before the First World War.

The breeders of the Remounts and Walers often turned the young horses out into the bush to toughen them up and brought them back in as four-year-olds for sale to the Army buyers. The brumbies were often the bush horses that evaded muster to remain in the bush.

The mural is about the stockmen who became Light Horsemen and the bush horses that became the Remounts and Walers. The early scenes on the wall resemble the narrative in Banjo Paterson's poem 'The Man from Snowy River'.

Starting from this location, continue on foot to see the Poppies of Anzacs and Everyone, Ridges, Ivy Bartlett, Rocks and Rivers and the landscapes in the soundshell at Attree Centre.