Upper Murray, Cudgewa

Cudgewa - The last stop on the old Cudgewa railway line

Cudgewa is a peaceful little town located approximately 14 kilometres west of Corryong and is home to approximately 310 residents. The Cudgewa Creek flows through a wide valley, which means the fertile land in this area is an ideal place for dairy and beef farming and these are the main industries in the area today. In 1866 the first farmers took up land in the area and the Cudgewa Creek Public School was opened in 1877.

Upper Murray, Cudgewa

The township had the last railway station stop on the old Cudgewa railway line, which branched off the main North East line, connecting Cudgewa to Wodonga. The station was completed and officially opened in May 1921 and closed in 1981. In 1919 the first section of the line was used to carry materials for the construction of the Lake Hume weir. Cudgewa was the railhead for materials bound for the Snowy Mountains scheme during its construction. Today, most of the disused railway line has been transformed and is now the High Country Rail Trail, a scenic winding track perfect for running, walking or riding your bike. Gradiants on the trail never exceed 1 in 30 or one meters rise every thirty meters, making for a gentle riding experience.


With the Cudgewa Creek Public School closing in 1974 and the railway closing in 1981 the population dropped slightly, but the quaint little town still retains a public hall, recreation grounds and an Anglican and Uniting church. There is an avenue of honour and war memorials within the township and the heritage listed Cudgewa railway trestle bridge is a must-see when visiting the area.

Cudgewa is a great base for visiting the Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park, which boasts the beautiful Cudgewa-Bluff Falls (also known as Bluff Falls) which are spectacular to see. Check at the Corryong Visitor Information Centre to find out when the water is flowing. The Cudgewa Football and Netball Club hold the 'Cudgewa Fishing Classic' each year to help raise funds for the club and it has become a very popular fishing competition.

Upper Murray, Cudgewa