The Great River Road


Jim Newmans Lookout

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Agrotis infusa
SIZE: Body length 3cm; Wing span up to 5cm


From this lookout, you can see across the Murray River valley towards Welaregang and back towards Ournie. These areas were once used as corroborree grounds, where different groups gathered in early summer before the traditional Bogong Moth hunts. Other Upper Murray corroboree grounds were located at Possum Point, Nariel, Towong and Bringenbrong. 

Corroboree events were traditionally significant occasions which included dancing, music and costume to communicate stories of the Dreamtime. 

These events allowed different indigenous groups to renew their ties before they travelled up the Murray River to the mountain peaks. 

The Bogong Moth migrates during the warmer months to rest in sheltered cool and humid crevices of granite-based mountains such as Mt Townsend, Mt Twynham and the Rams Head (Burramungee) on the main range of the Snowy Mountains. 

By understanding the natural cycles and the habits of the Bogong Moth, many indigenous groups were able to plan annual journeys to these mountains where they collected, roasted and ate the fatty, protein-rich and nutty-tasting delicacy.