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Birthplace of the Murray Grey

In the early 20th century, Peter and Ina Sutherland were part-owners of Thologolong Station.

They had a roan Shorthorn cow, which they mated to an Aberdeen Angus bull. The cow produced a grey-coloured calf, and subsequent mating with different bulls produced calves of a similar colour. Due to their distinct colouring, the Shorthorn cow’s progeny were described as ‘mulberries’. 

In 1932, Helen Sutherland (Peter and Ina’s daughter-in-law) purchased eight ‘mulberry’ females from Thologolong Station. Amazed by the breed’s early doing ability, profound eye muscle and softness of skin, Helen went on to expand the breeding efforts of Thologolong Station. 

These cows became the foundation for Australia’s own beef breed – Murray Grey – named in honour of Thologolong Station’s location in the Murray River valley. 

Murray Grey cattle can now be found worldwide.