Upper Murray, Tintaldra

Tintaldra -The oldest township in the Upper Murray

Tintaldra was settled in 1837 and is said to be the first pioneer settlement in the Upper Murray. Tintaldra is located halfway between Corryong and Walwa on the Murray River Road. Steeped in history and true country hospitality Tintaldra offers a glimpse into our pioneering history. Tintaldra is located on the banks of the mighty Murray River and provides excellent access to the river via a gravel boat ramp. Established trees provide shade to a number of picnic areas with tables and chairs. The river is fast flowing in this area, so swimming is not recommended, but Tintaldra is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the river views or throw in a line from the bank.

Upper Murray, Tintaldra

Step back in time and visit the iconic Tintaldra General Store and Tea Rooms, the oldest shop front business in the Upper Murray. The Tintaldra General Store is home to a small museum, a wood fire bakery, delicious Devonshire teas and if you are lucky, you may hear owner Betty Walton reciting some of her bush poetry.

Upper Murray, Tintaldra

The Tintaldra Hotel was built in 1870 and has been recently renovated. The sympathetic renovations to the building celebrate its historic original features while providing modern comforts.

Murray Cod Sculpture

Beside the river picnic area at the top of the hill, next to the Tintaldra Hotel is a plaque dedicated to Christian and Elizabeth Vogel and the Vogel family, who were the early pioneers here. Around Tintaldra's public places, you will find information boards which provide insight into the history of the local area.


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The current position of the Tintaldra township on the Victorian side of the Murray River is no accident. Prominent businessman Sydney Grandison Watson bought a large parcel of land in the Tintaldra area in the late 1850s. Watson chose to capitalise on the increasing number of travellers using the Welaregang Ford crossing point (near the Western boundary of his property) by opening a general store on ‘high ground’.

Unlike Welaregang on the New South Wales side, the high ground extended from the foot of Mount Mittamatite to the river’s edge and provided the Tintaldra township with protection from flooding and access to potable water.

The elevated site also allowed the Tintaldra punt to be winched from the water to a safe haven whenever the river rose to dangerous levels.